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Get ahead of the news with fast-time notifications of confirmed and developing security incidents across Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

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Home screen
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Terriscope® monitors and sends fast-time alerts and initial incident details to subscribed professionals within minutes.

We monitor and start reporting on all pertinent incidents from across the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America within minutes of the event taking place to inform you ahead of the rest.

Our intel analysts identify and alert you to developing and confirmed security incidents and consolidate it all into one report to help you better understand global security affairs.

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If you are responsible for the safety of buildings or people, are an academic or have an interest in global affairs, you already understand the difficulty of selecting important parts of multiple news feeds. Terriscope® provides you with the solution with a single, centralised and concise app.

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Web dashboard also included

Access the dashboard on the web and on your mobile device.

Terriscope® is available both online and on your mobile device.

Your subscription to Terriscope® grants you exclusive access to the mobile app available on both Apple and Android so you can receive fast-time notifications and information anywhere in the world.

Decide if you would like to receive notifications for developing incidents and/or incident updates along with international countries or your own home country.

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No, all security incidents which have a potential to be or is a confirmed terrorist attack across Five Eyes and European nations are closely monitored. Typical examples include shootings, knife attacks, explosives, vehicle rammings and suspicious substances. All collected information is sourced from the public domain and is freely available to be shared.
We are currently building an enterprise solution allowing you to buy accounts for either 5, 10, 15 or 20 users. We hope this will be available from Autumn 2022. We will also be able to offer bespoke accounts for larger organisations and tailored pricing. Enterprise accounts will be priced on volume discount, allowing you to give everyone access to vital data they need whilst also reducing costs.
Terriscope® is for anyone with an interest or requirement to keep ahead of the ongoing terrorism threat picture from around the world. Typical users include security professionals, incident room managers, academics and anyone with a keen interest in global affairs.
The threat picture is constantly evolving. Researching and identifying relevant details from across the internet about these multiple incidents is often convoluted and time-consuming. Terriscope® consolidates a wealth of incident information for you and analyses it against previous incidents. It provides a clear and concise account of common targets, methodologies and origins on which to base your security procedures by understanding the threat and maximising protection.

Understand the threat, maximise protection.

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